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Simpson & Partners Media Day

20 June 2023

Mandy talks colour inspiration

Last week we held our inaugural Simpson & Partners Media Day, where we opened the doors to our Cotswolds HQ to journalists from the Telegraph, Auto Express and Engineering & Technology Magazine.

We were celebrating the sale of our 3,000th product and we’ve been quietly building up our reputation as best in class British EV charger manufacturers. British engineering is alive and kicking! What do we stand for? And what makes us different?

Power of Good

Energy prices are currently so high. At Simpson & Partners we’ve always known that energy shouldn’t come at such a price. Helping the planet shouldn’t cost the Earth. And premium quality shouldn’t always mean premium pricing. We exist to harness the Power of Good. That’s our mantra (well put into words).

Our team work incredibly hard to bring affordable, high-quality products to the table. This is what powers us to come to work every day.

Affordable Quality

We like giving our customers peace of mind that they are getting the best value for their money. The car world is changing fast, but electric vehicles aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Our own designed beautiful chargers will endure the years and never go out of style. To help us do this, we (unlike many others) don’t sell through distributors like electrical wholesalers or amazon. We sell direct from our website so that we can pass those savings onto our customers.

Unrivalled Value

We spoke about the fact that every piece inside our EV chargers have been designed in-house by our engineers. David leads his team of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers who all bring their own innovative talent to the table. This means we understand what our chargers do and how they do it. We at Simpson and Partners fully understand the circuit boards, the connectors, the metal front fascias and so on because we design them ourselves. And we are old enough to know that it’s the small details that make the big difference.

a disassembled S&P EV charger (64 parts)

Simpson & Partners EV charger disassembled. Cotswolds made. Bespoke tech.


We have our own manufacturing facility so that we can have complete control over costs and quality. Loredana is our Queen of procurement and quality.

John gave a tour of the factory floors, the in-house spraying area, the 3D printers, desalination tanks and the assembly lines. The journalists had a chance to don a protective suit and powder coat an S&P EV charger. Julian, Jess and Carly gave assembly demonstrations (and had a keen eye over who was doing what!). Having the journalists on one assembly line played havoc with John’s efficiency numbers for the week but that’s ok. Fun was had by all.

Thanks to Tom and Scott from @Dick Lovett for the fun test drives.

Porsche Taycan, BMWiX50 lined up for Cotswolds test drives


inside of factory with four adults standing assembling an ev charger

John and Carly putting the journalists through their paces on the assembly line