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UWE Innovation & Growth Event

5 June 2023

John and I had a rewarding time at the Innovation & Growth event hosted by UWE Bristol last week. We were grateful to have received a UWE-backed grant in 2022 to support one of our R&D projects. The event was a great chance to network with other technology businesses and to witness the amazing innovation and engineering facilities at the UWE campus. The event was well-organised and informative. We learnt about many innovative projects that the university supports. We were particularly impressed by the presentation by Duku, a product design consultancy from Cheltenham. They showed a prototype of their motorised winder tethered charger for disabled EV users. As someone who has a daughter with a brain injury, I feel very passionate about products that support the disabled in their daily lives. We believe this product has a lot of potential and we are keen to see it in the market. It’s something that the disabled community really needs. I urge you to check out the Duku website to learn more about this innovative product from a fellow Gloucestershire-based business.