Simpson & Partners EV Charger

Manage + Monitor + Control

The Simpson & Partners App is the one stop place to view and control your energy. It seamlessly connects to all your Simpson & Partners devices. Unlike other EV charging apps, it connects to your charger with or without internet. This gives you more reliability and convenience, especially if you can’t rely on a strong wi-fi signal at the location of your EV charger. Set up is quick and secure. We don’t even ask you to set up an account.

View the video tutorials on how to use the app.



As smart as you want it to be

Turn your charger into a tethered unit at the click of a button.

Switch off the charger status lights for the most discreet experience.

Divert your surplus solar energy to your vehicle’s batteries and let the sun charge your car.

Keep track of your total home energy costs.

Automatically switch between schedules without user interaction. Schedules are stored locally and are not dependent on a cloud connection.

A internet connection is not essential. Access most of the smart feature’s function with a simple Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

Quick to access reports let you view day, month, and yearly charge history.

Software built by experts

We are obsessed with making high quality software that is reliable and simple to use. Our in-house team is made up of a group of grown ups who have previously built software for banks, medical, smart metering and EV charging devices.

Total View

View car charging rate, home energy grid and solar usage in one simple screen.

Advanced Solar

3 easy to use solar charging modes. When the sun is not shining, or the grid energy is cheap, let the timer or agile scheduler automatically take over.


Oversee your car charging costs and track every kWh used.
See the energy usage in the home and your free solar generated electricity. Export itemised reports that can form part of your vehicle/house budgeting.

Smart Schedules

Our EV charger is hands down the easiest to use. Unlike many chargers your schedules are not dependent on an internet connection.

Let’s talk about security

There’s an incredible amount of personal data and information exchanging between your phone, EV charger and home network. Protecting this is important. Using our internet banking know-how, we provide robust security for your home network and personal data in a number of ways.


When you connect to use your EV charger, we don’t ask you for any personal details. The data gathered can never be linked to you because all this data is anonymized. This makes us different to everyone else.


Charge history data is stored safely on high security AWS servers, all located in the UK. If you are considering other EV Charger manufacturers, try just asking them what data they collect and where this data is being stored.


The data flowing between your charger and internet is encrypted. For example, network and Bluetooth settings are encrypted. We secure the data connection to the internet and the home Wi-Fi network remains secure.

Mobile App FAQ

With an untethered charger, tethered mode allows you to lock the cable into the charger so that it cannot be removed. Select this mode to prevent cable theft or just for added convenience.
When charging, the cable automatically locks into the charger.

This is the Tethered Mode button.

You can lock your charger using the padlock button on the S&P app home page, this disables the charger, it stops the charger from delivering any charge.
When the button is orange, the charger is disabled.

This is the Locking Function button.

The charger can connect to one device at a time using Bluetooth. To connect using Bluetooth, make sure Bluetooth is switched off on any other devices where the S&P app is installed.
The charger can connect to more than one device using WiFi.

The charger can automatically switch between schdedules without user interaction.
Schedules are stored locally and are not dependent on a cloud connection.

You can set up to 3 timed schedules on the S&P app by pressing the schedule button on the charge point homepage.

The override button allows you to start charging immediately. It overrides any active schedules that you (or others) may have set.

Press the Pause button.

Tap Settings then set ‘Always On’ to ‘Off’.

Tap Settings then ‘Change’ to configure the Energy Costs.

Make sure you are connected to WiFI and tap the Charge History button.

Standby is just referring to the state the charger is in when it is not charging, not in an error state, not scheduled or locked and is ready to charge if plugged in.