Simpson & Partners EV Charger

A sneak peak of the technology behind the Simpson & Partners EV charger


When it comes to quality, we don’t rest on our laurels. We celebrate what we’ve accomplished and then raise the bar. Quality makes us tick.

The Simpson & Partners home series EV Charger being hand finished with care

Hand finished with care

You can’t offer quality unless you know what it looks like. Once you recognise it, you can run a factory (like we do) and control every single detail. That’s how we bring quality & affordability to our customers.

Durable Accoya wood lids for the Simpson & Partners home series EV charger

Sustainable accoya wood

Our charger lids are made of solid Accoya , a sustainable wood that exceeds the performance of most tropical hardwoods. Available in 4 different shades. Read about how it doesn’t rot.

Quality requires better, more expensive components and materials

The only way to deliver that an affordable price is a factory direct model.
We have our own factory so we can pass the benefits on to our customers in the form
of a higher quality product.