Simpson & Partners EV Charger

Smart Home Energy System


Our home electric vehicle chargers are just one part of a bigger story.

When used together, our products create a complete home intelligent energy management system. You can build your own Smart Home Energy System by combining Simpson and Partners products and view and control everything from your S&P app.

Wireless Energy Manager

This clever small device load balances the electrical load between your car and home. It works wirelessly, giving you a no-mess finish and it’s quick to install (so no messy wires or bashing through walls). Load balancing enables you to avoid nuisance trips and ensures your car gets the maximum amount of charge available.

  • Wireless connection
  • Self-recharging harvesting technology
  • Supplied with pre calibrated CT clamp
  • High penetration and long range LoRa radio technology
  • Compatible with Home Series plus EV chargers
  • See daily, monthly, and yearly reports all in your S&P app
  • 1 x Wireless Energy Manager supports up to 3 x Home Series Ev chargers
  • Failsafe compliant

Single-Phase £99
3-Phase £149

Wired Energy Manager

The home energy manager helps you source the power you need for your home and your electric vehicle with maximum possible efficiency. It also enables you to send surplus solar energy to charge your car

Charge your car without disrupting the energy needed for home devices.
Monitor and track the energy usage of your home with daily, monthly, and yearly reports.

  • Wired connection
  • Pre calibrated CT clamp
  • Compatible with all Home Series chargers
  • See daily, monthly, and yearly reports all in your S&P app
  • 1 x Wired Energy Manager supports 1 x Home Series Ev charger
  • Failsafe compliant

Single-Phase £22
3-Phase £33

Wireless Solar Monitor

The solar monitor records the amount of energy generated by solar panels on your home. It’s an integrated add-on device to the Home Energy Manager. Readings are conveniently displayed in the Simpson & Partners app. Highly recommended if you have solar panels.

  • Wireless connection. No time consuming installation or messy cables
  • Self-recharging harvesting technology
  • Supplied with pre-calibrated CT clamp
  • High penetration and long range LoRa radio technology
  • Compatible with Home Series plus EV chargers
  • 1 x Wireless Solar Monitor supports up to 5 x Home Series plus EV chargers

£99 Buy

Inside the Wireless Energy Manager

The Home Energy Manager is designed by us to work in perfect harmony with any Home Series Plus EV charger.

It can be set up in minutes to make your charging choices more intelligent.

Powerful wireless connectivity
Advanced wireless technology delivers huge range and deep building penetration.


Fit & Forget
Self-charging technology for long lasting battery performance.

Simple set up
Easy pairing and installation and for fast and simple set-up.



Precision as standard
Comes pre-calibrated to save you time.

Energy Manager FAQ

Our Wired and Wireless Energy Managers are monitoring devices which enable load balancing and solar charging. If you don’t have solar panels then the EM still provides load balancing.

The Wired EM is compatible with both the Home Basic and Home Plus EV chargers, while the Wireless Energy Manager is compatible with the Home Plus EV charger.

The Wired EM is a wired connection from the consumer/fuse board to the charger, it can be a good option when the charger is installed quite close to the consumer board.

The Wireless EM uses LoRa (Radio) technology to communicate with the charger. The Wireless EM has 2 modes –
1. In Standard Mode the Wireless EM has a range of up to approximately 65m.
2. The range in Long Range Mode is up to approximately 120m.
Long Range mode is only supported when using an external USB-C power supply.

Load balancing is a safety feature which automatically balances the power consumption between your house and your electric vehicle charger, to avoid overloading your fuse. For example, if your home has a 60A fuse, and you turn on the electric ovens, electric showers and other high draw appliances and try and charge your vehicle same time, there may not be enough load available for the charger to charge at the maximum rate (which is 32A). When this happens, the electric charger automatically lowers the charge rate to avoid overloading your supply. This is commonly referred to as auto power load balancing.

You will need to purchase a Simpson & Partners Energy Manager (EM) to enable load balancing.

There are three different solar charging modes:

• Eco: Only charges if there is solar surplus above the minimum threshold of 1.4kW, if not it stops charging
• Eco Max: Pulls from the grid if the surplus falls below the minimum threshold, to bump it up to just above the threshold to continue charging
• Max: Uses a combination of solar surplus and grid energy to charge at the maximum possible rate

Simply select your solar mode from the app schedules page.

So, for example, you could set up two schedules –
1. Use Eco during the day to only charge with solar (if there is sufficient surplus).
2. If you still need to charge the car, select a grid off peak time for the second schedule.

The Solar Monitor is a wireless device that monitors the solar generation directly and reports this data in our app.
It does not enable the ability to charge using solar generation, this feature is enabled by the Energy Manager.

The solar array you choose in the future may have an app or monitor that displays your generation, but not all solar arrays offer this, older ones in particular, so this device allows our customers to see their solar generation in our app too.
It helps to see everything in one place.