Simpson & Partners EV Charger

Home Series EV chargers made with wood

We use Accoya® to make our wood caps. Beautiful and strong, Accoya® is one of nature’s most resilient woods. This sustainably sourced high-performance timber is frequently used in the construction of marine decking, doors and windows and now available in 4 carefully chosen translucent shades.
Hand finished. Low maintenance. Dimensionally stable. Our solid wood caps won’t shrink, warp, cup or bend. Giving a stunning all-natural finish that nature has made to last.

Designed to last 50 years

Accoya brings unprecedented reliability for timber; it is checked and trusted not to visibly swell, shrink or distort, with minimal movement. Highly durable, it withstands the test of any climate. And what’s more, it stays that way.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Accoya® wood is made by Accsys at its plant in Arnhem, in the Netherlands. Accsys transforms fast-growing, certified sustainable wood into Accoya® wood through its proprietary acetylation process.

Fast growing, sustainably forested

Accoya’s outstanding sustainability credentials start with the sourcing of the raw material. Accoya only uses timber from FSC certified forests, that have to prove they are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.

What can I expect from sustainable Accoya®?

Our lids are made of real Accoya® wood then hand-painted with a beautiful translucent finish to show off the natural wood grain. We have four shades to choose from: Light oak, Mid oak, Walnut and Charcoal. As we know nature isn’t uniform and our wooden lids reflect this. We celebrate the slight natural variations that nature intended and all lids are passed by our quality team.