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Installer FAQ

If you are a UK installer and want to join our approved installer points scheme – just fill in the form below. You’ll get dedicated telephone support and be the first to receive product updates and unlock your discounts.

Our chargers are easy to install and require no earth rods. Install templates are on the packaging and technical support guides.


Your installer PIN is displayed in the top left menu of your approved installer dashboard.
Your installer PIN is also included in your approved installer email welcome pack.

All models of our charger will deliver 32 amps, this will also be the case for our 3-phase Home 22 Plus.

Yes, with our installer setup you have the ability to set the current delivery from 32a – 10a, this can be adjusted in 1 amp increments which is very useful if you have limitations on a sub-main.

No, the installer has a unique PIN to access the installer setup. Once the setup is completed by the installer these settings are saved and can only be accessed using the installer PIN, so keep your PIN card safe and don’t share the PIN with anyone.

No you don’t, with our chargers you can complete the full setup and commissioning of the charger via Bluetooth.

It is advisable to get the charger online to benefit from all the reporting and smart features, however most of the features are available via just a Bluetooth connection should a Wi-Fi connection be lost.

In short yes, all our chargers fully comply with this regulation.

Regulations are explained here – Regulations: electric vehicle smart charge points – GOV.UK (

Yes we do, we work hard to meet all government and electrical requirements, See our product documentation for more info.

Yes we can, wirelessly! With the addition of the Home Energy Manager the installer can set a limit that will prevent the charger being the cause of any overloading of the supply fuse.

The Home Energy Manager is a LoRa (long range radio) device communicating with a wireless CT clamp that is constantly sending load data back to the charge point, this load data will be import and export should the customer have any solar PV or similar technology.

I am afraid not, the Home Energy Manager system works only with the calibrated CT’s provided.

With every model of our Home series chargers, we include 30mA Type A residual protection with the addition of 6mA DC, we have designed our chargers this way to make them as easy to install as possible.

All our chargers provide state of the art O-PEN technology conforming to 722.411.4.1.(v). This allows the installer to connect the charger to any type of supply configuration.

You certainly can, we have designed our O-PEN technology with this in mind to give you peace of mind.

We offer product training at our factory in the Cotswolds, this will cover all our products covering design, installation and commissioning.

We offer experienced phone support Monday to Friday 9:30am-4:30pm, excluding public holidays. If you prefer, we also offer support via email at [email protected]

Yes, Our Home Series chargers includes a type 3 surge protection device capable of absorbing 4500 amps in the event of an indirect lightning strike.

It also acts as an over-voltage clamp which will interrupt power to the charger if there is a sustained over-voltage event.

Furthermore, our patent pending S1 chip includes detection of lower level over-voltages, for example those caused by a PEN fault.

There is limited protection against direct lightning strikes, so you must determine if such protection is required for a particular installation.

No, neither you or the customer need to create an app to use our app. To commission the unit, you just need to have the Simpson & Partners App on your phone and make sure you have the installer PIN!

Yes absolutely, our 7 and 22kW Plus models are solar compatible.

You need either the wired or wireless energy manager to enable the solar charging feature.