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Autotrader EV Charging Hub x S&P

13 April 2023

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Autotrader x S&P Charging Hub

Autotrader have quietly launched their EV charging hub. It’s a fantastic online tool that helps EV owners visiting the Autotrader website, find the right EV charger for them. It’s also an education tool for anyone looking at switching to electric.

S&P are thrilled to be invited to be on this trusted platform. Furthermore, we love helping owners discover EV driving, ownership and EV charging. The Autotrader EV charging hub is in an early launch phase (so that’s why we say quiet!).  Because it is in a beta test phase, there isn’t much press about this yet. This means that it is a little difficult to come across. Nevertheless, you have a sneak peek at our configurator here….

Autotrader Charging Hub Questions

It’s a super simple customer journey. Visitors are asked to enter their EV registration number and then shown four questions. What is even better is each question has some helpful info. This is what they are asking….

1. Do you have a driveway or private off-street parking? Yes/ No

(info) To get a home charger, you’ll need to have dedicated off-street parking (i.e. a private driveway or a garage). Not the homeowner? You must seek permission from your landlord or landlady before installing an EV charger. Live in a conservation area? You may need to seek planning permission.

2. Will you be mostly charging your car overnight? Yes/ No

(info) All chargers sold after the 30th June 2022 must have ‘smart’ functionality, meaning they must be able to talk to your vehicle, your electricity provider and the National Grid. This makes it easy to charge during off-peak hours (typically overnight) and eases the strain on the power grid.

3. Does your house have solar panels? Or do you expect to have them soon? Yes/ No

(info) Solar ready chargers let you charge your electric vehicle using 100% solar energy, or a mix of solar and grid energy. If you already have solar panels – or plan to install them – a solar ready charger is highly recommended.

4. Are you looking for a customisable charger with various colours and finishes? Yes/ No

(info) A few brands offer chargers in different colours and finish combinations, making it super easy to find the charger that matches your home’s exterior decor.

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