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Behind the Scenes at the Factory

2 April 2024


Behind the Scenes S&P factory tour and fun day

Last Wednesday we gave 16 installers a unique behind the scenes S&P factory tour and fun day.  Here inside our Cotswolds factory, you could spray your own S&P charger, go onto the assembly line and assemble a charger from scratch. Chas talked about the Business Series: MID meters/ Proteus switchgear and how the pedestal was designed to be easy to install for installers. This design feature controls the cost of using S&P Business Series chargers making them a serious and affordable newcomer to the AC charging scene.

Dave talked about the technicalities of how the chargers were made. He spoke about injection moulding and billet aluminium for the lids. He showcased the quick little innovations we’ve implemented and a nifty gadget that we’ve made which makes it impossible for installers to lose the screws!. Mandy has a background in design and talked about design, brand and colour. She ushered groups from one section to the next and gave tours of the metal sterilisation tanks. Aaron then debriefed those that wanted to go and powder coat their charger in our spray booth.

Mandy Simpson showing off the lovely anodised colour range and sustainable Accoya wood. that we use for our EV charger lids.

Here’s Adam an installer from Portsmouth, suited and masked up trying out his powder coating skills.

Jess did a stellar job of showing off all the bespoke components that make up a Home Series charger. Julian and Carly guided those who wanted to assemble their own charger.  Safety was paramount and we made sure everyone was on best behaviour!

Jess talking components Fascia Frame, door pivot and wallbox spring!

Julian showing Adam how assembly is done in (secret) minutes.

Taycan and BMWi7 test drives

A Taycan Carrara and BMW i7 were both available to have a ride in (courtesy of Dick Lovett Bristol). The BMW had a huge cinema screen inside behind the front seats and everyone agreed that it would be the perfect executive way to travel to the airport!

Scott from Dick Lovett gave a very interesting Hydrogen and e energy talk. Plus Amy and Tracey put on a smorgasbord of a lunch that was a healthy alternative to the traditional plate of croissants, Greggs sausage roll and Crispy Crèmes. Pete and David cooked burgers on the electric Traeger Grill smoker.

Proteus, EV Blocks and iDACS

Proteus, EV blocks and iDACS showed their wares and explained their connections with the S&P Business Series 7kW and 22kW products. Proteus came because we use their their internal switch gear and design support for our commercial projects. EV blocks as preferred installation method for our Home and Business Series freestanding units, and last but not least iDACS as a solution for wall mount busbar for internal car park walls.


Charity Fun

Downstairs, Chas had a great idea to put on a fun charity donation ‘Grab a Prize’ which raised funds for the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal which supports sick children and their families at Bristol Kids hospital. It’s where our 8 year old daughter Mae was taken ill nearly two years ago with a brain bleed and stroke. After a gruelling 6 month stay, Mae was successfully rehabilitated. S&P support this charity as it helps really sick kids from all across the South West.

Prizes included a BMW electric remote controlled car, Taycan t-shirts, free switchgear, vouchers off posh local pub grub, bottles of wine, CT clamp and of course a good old carpenter pencil!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all who came and furthermore to the other S&P roadies who made this day a memorable success.

The main link at the top links to Adam from Sota electrical who made a video (totally unsponsored) of his day.


We asked his permission to have it here and he said yes! Watch for his unbiased opinion about S&P chargers.