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Business Series is officially launched.

26 February 2024

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Written by Mandy Simpson

It’s been a long time coming, but I am thrilled to announce the official launch of our Business Series EV chargers. On sale from today. If you are looking for well built, commercial AC chargers for your business, your workspace, residential parking area or your office, warehouse, restaurant or underground car park, I urge you to check out our new range.

It’s been a long-standing dream to finally be able to offer industrial and elegant ev charging equipment that has all the things I know people want. Buying EV charging equipment can easily become a complicated, confusing and time-consuming journey. And this isn’t made any easier by the fact that in 96% of cases, it is the first time you’ve done this. So it’s uncharted territory. It makes it difficult to understand the value of what you’re purchasing.


I’ve built a simple online configurator that allows you and your electrician to build an EV charging system that exactly fits to what you need. S&P understand that every installation is unique. Not one size fits all. S&P have created a modular system that enables you to build exactly what you need and pay for what you get. It’s a unique solution that’s an industry first. Order online and we’ll build your chargers and ship directly from our Cotswolds HQ. This way, you’ll avoid spending countless hours deciphering the value of purchase pre-packaged product bundles. It also helps you understand the value of what you’re actually buying, so when you have to stand up and be accountable for what you’re proposing, you’ll feel confident about the value of what you’re going to get.

Go get quoting!!

Precise. Bespoke. Unique. Say hello to Business charging 22kW.
No nonsense. Long term value.

We call it the Power of Good.