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Let’s talk EV charge cables and sockets

4 May 2022

OEM-partnership between Simpson & Partners and Phoenix Contact

OEM-partnership between Simpson & Partners and Phoenix Contact

Component failure is annoying

Did you know that EV charge cables and sockets are some of the most hard working and abused component parts in an EV charger? Component failure stops any vehicle from charging. If you were to come to your car expecting it to be fully charged and find that it isn’t, you’ll be annoyed and inconvenienced.  Because if there’s one thing a charger should do, it is to charge your car.

Teaming up with Phoenix Contact

In our quest to deliver quality and reliability, we’ve teamed up with Germany’s long established OEM e-mobility specialist Phoenix Contact. Phoenix are renowned for providing high-quality charge cables (some call them connectors) and sockets. They are the go-to manufacturer for the vast majority of automobile manufacturers around the world.

We are proud to use their superb quality charge cables and sockets across all our Home Series 7kW and 22kW chargers. If you are looking at getting an EV charger, look carefully at the quality of the connector and socket.

We don’t specify cheap EV charge cables and charge sockets.

Here at Simpson and Partners, we don’t cut corners.

We connect with the best, so that you can charge your car each and every time.