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Joining the UKEV Installers community group

27 April 2023

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We are joining the UKEV Installers Community Group

We are pleased to announce that we are joining the UKEV Installers community group. The group is run by James Harding who has been working really hard for the last few years to make this online support group a great resource for installers. It’s a safe place for installers to ask questions and share information. James popped into the factory in February to meet the team get a tour of the factory.

Our conversation

Below are some excerpts of the chat between James and Mandy Simpson.

JH: So Mandy, what are your objectives for engaging with the EV installer community?

Mandy: Well it’s quite simple really, we realise the importance of installers as being advocates for our brand and promoting us to their customers. Customers often ask their installer what EV chargers they recommend. Because of this, we are looking to build a really strong network of approved S&P installers.

JH: How do you see S&P’s relationship with UKEV Installers developing?

Mandy: Well, the UKEV Installers network has become a brand in its own right. It represents a huge amount of qualified professionals all providing excellent service for their customers and working to the highest installation standards.  That’s precisely who we want to be installing our chargers.  Therefore by engaging with this network on the internet and social media, we firstly hope to share our own brand with the installation community. Secondly, we can connect with the best installers we can. Thirdly, it allows us to listen to the community in a transparent and honest way. And finally it helps us work out relevant offers and rewards to the group for the benefit of everyone.

Building relationships

Mandy: Why do you want to work with Simpson and Partners?

JH: I met David and yourself several years ago and when I learned that you were establishing your own brand. I was excited to see the resulting product. The S&P charger is clearly manufactured to impeccable standards – I’ve witnessed this first hand in the factory now – and the design and appearance is immaculate.  As a representative of the installation community it’s my pleasure to promote the best products, and I hope to continue this association in the long term as S&P continue to innovate and bring new solutions to the market.

Mandy:  That’s nice thanks James. Is there anything specific that you like about the S&P charger?

James:  Where to start!  It looks elegant and, when I’ve offered these to my own customers they’ve been very happy to have one installed on the front of their house.  I especially like the time I say “have a browse of the 107 combinations and let me know which you decide”.  Importantly though, the build quality is top-notch and I don’t expect to get many, if any call-backs.  And all that for a mid-range price.  Hard to beat really.


Thanks James for popping by.

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