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Kai Zen = continuous improvement

22 April 2024


Meet David Williams our operations directors, getting philosophical about KaiZen methodology.

(1min read – he’s timed it and there is no need to sit cross legged)


What is Kaizen?

NOUN Japanese (kaɪˈzɛn) (kaai– zen)

It’s a Japanese term meaning for the better or continuous improvement.

As a business philosophy it involves all employees in making small changes to improve operations and philosophy.

What has this got to do with EV chargers you may ask?

Having worked in business that embraces the Kaizen philosophy for 27 years I understand its worth, not just in a business situation but also on a personal level.

Kaizen encourages individuals to involve themselves with continuous improvement ideas….this may, in a business setting be something as simple as moving a processes tools around into a more user friendly pattern that helps the employee in the running of their process.

On a personal level it maybe something as simple as eat healthier food to lose weight… really is that simple! But the main basis is continuous improvement …eat healthier food, next implement an exercise routine and so on, the process continues.

Here at Simpson and Partners we are in the early stages of implementing Kaizen. We have already seen success in an idea thought of by employees to bring in-house production of outsourced parts that were causing part shortages due to lead times. It is a simple idea that has solved downtime and shipping issues.

Kaizen, a very important tool with multi uses.


Thank you David.