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Safest EV chargers on the market

5 October 2022

Let’s talk about EV charger safety. Co-founder David Simpson and Simpson & Partners principal engineer Roy Bunce explain how innovation and electronics makes S&P chargers the safest on the market.


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Safety is our number one priority.
And at the heart of that is the S1 chip.
The S1 will, independently of any software switch the system off if it detects there’s a significant hazard. That’s something which, as far as we’re aware no other chargers do.

There’s a lot of complexity in that box.
that makes it a better unit.
It can do more.
It’s smarter.
It’s got more sensing.
It can make better decisions.

There’s an obvious hazard with connecting electric vehicles whose bodywork is metal and is outside potentially in puddles of water with the with the AC mains – which is effectively what all EV chargers do.

A lot of chargers will remove the power to the unit if they detect any leakage of current through the vehicle body.

That means that somebody is already getting an electric shock in order for them to detect that.
The regulations allow that to happen but we would much rather that our customers don’t receive an electric shock at all however brief that maybe.Our S1 chip works in hardware and it works in millionths of a second. So it will disconnect the supply much faster than software could even if the software could be relied upon to be running all the time.

Our electronics cost more than our competitors’ to manufacture.
You know, we have five CT centres in a box.
All this does cost money, but it’s there for a reason.
To deliver more functionality a higher level of safety and more intelligence.

RB: The Home series of chargers include an RCM which is required to meet the regulations.But our S1 system far exceeds those regulations and makes, in our view, the charger the safest on the market.

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