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The Indoor Living Green Wall Goes Up

13 March 2022

Working in a green industry naturally means we like green things. I’ve always wanted to have indoor living green wall. After months of planning and with the help of our in-house Simpson & Partners gardener Tracey, we completed the installation and planting of a unique indoor living green wall. Measuring 6ft by 9ft, 120 plants in small pots sit against a vertical first floor wall that overlooks down onto the factory floor.
Apart from looking great, the living green wall improves the air quality and provides sound dampening.

Benefits of Indoor Living Green Walls

Here are some benefits of living green walls- if you need to pitch it to your bosses!

Environmental benefits:  good for clean air…better acoustics.. building integration..

People benefits: health and well being… higher productivity…and therefore higher rate of return

Business benefits: workplace satisfaction….staff retention….

Big thanks to our neighbours Landscape Plus who provided the irrigation timer, Playtpus system and mini water pipes. And thanks also to Fern & Ivy in Cirencester who helped select the right plants. If you are considering getting a green wall in your factory or workspace, don’t forget to check the light levels. We ended up getting six Sansi light bulbs that provided blue and red spectrum light. Make sure you set your irrigation right and finally, choose plants that not only you like but will be happy in the space.

alt='Black plastic Platypus wall planting grid on white Simpson and Partner's factory wall'

Getting ready for 120 plants. Towers up!

Plants go in! Hello Indoor Living Green Wall.