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My 3500 Mile Europe Road Trip in an EV

13 August 2023

Written by John Toderita. S&P’s Chief Operating Officer.


3500 Miles Across Europe in an EV

I recently undertook a 3500-mile journey around Europe in an EV. It was 7 days of Tesla holiday driving. Reflecting on the experience, I must admit that overall, it was truly satisfying.

However, it did require some thoughtful planning.

Thankfully, the charging infrastructure is well-established, with charging stations available everywhere you go. What’s even better is that the prices for charging are significantly more affordable than what we are accustomed to, and there were rarely any long queues.


ev charging car park virtually empty

No Queues!

One standout feature of the European charging network is the availability of free charging stations, which I found to be the best option for saving costs.

As a bonus, since there are still more internal combustion engine (ICE) cars on the road, I found that the EV charging stations are relatively less crowded, allowing for quicker recharging stops. It really is no fuss.

empty ev car charging stationwith white pointing arrow on the ground ground pointng

I take pride in being part of a company committed to achieving net-zero emissions.

Reflecting on my personal experiences during this EV road trip, I am excited about the prospect of embarking on more electrifying journeys in the future, as I see the EV infrastructure and environmental consciousness growing rapidly across Europe.