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Octopus Smart Tariffs

5 July 2023

simpson & Partners ev charger with pink ocotpus' scattered around it

All Simpson & Partners EV chargers work happily with Octopus smart Tariffs. This means that any customers on IntelligentOctopus Go, agileOctopus and Octopusgo are able to charge their compatible vehicles using a beautiful Simpson & Partner EV charger.

Are S&P chargers compatible with Octopus smart tariffs?

Yes, all Home Series S&P chargers work with agileOctopus and Octopusgo. IntelligentOctopus Go customers require a compatible vehicle.

What cars are compatible with Octopus smart tariffs?

If you have agileOctopus and Octopusgo you can use our Home Series S&P chargers with all EVs.

If you have IntelligentOctopus Go, you need to have a car that is compatible with the tariff, you can check compatible cars here

How do I enable my Octopus smart tariff with an S&P charger?

finger tapping over the s&P mobile app screen

New steps in the updated app 

To enable Octopusgo or IntelligentOctopus Go, follow these steps:

Go to the S&P app settings – select Energy Tariffs, choose a smart tariff then enable the charger schedule.

To enable agileOctopus from the S&P app settings, follow these steps:

Go to the S&P app settings, select Energy Costs, select Add Cost Period then select agileOctopus Tariff, enter your postcode to find available tariffs.


How does it work?

The S&P updated app auto sets the scheduler for Octopusgo and agileOctopus and disables the scheduler and locking when using IntelligentOctopus Go.