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Octopus Smart Tariffs

5 July 2023

simpson & Partners ev charger with pink ocotpus' scattered around it

All Simpson & Partners EV chargers work happily with Octopus smart Tariffs. This means that any customers on Octopus Intelligent, Octopus Agile and Octopus Go tariffs are able to charge their compatible vehicles using a beautiful Simpson & Partner EV charger.

Are S&P chargers compatible with Octopus smart tariffs?

Yes, all Home Series S&P chargers work with Intelligent Octopus, Agile Octopus and Octopus Go tariffs.

What cars are compatible with Octopus smart tariffs?

If you have Octopus Agile or Octopus Go you can use our Home Series S&P chargers with all EVs.

If you have Intelligent Octopus, you need to have a car that is compatible with the tariff, you can check compatible cars here

How do I enable my Octopus smart tariff with an S&P charger?

finger tapping over the s&P mobile app screen

New steps in the updated app 

To enable Octopus Go or Intelligent Octopus, follow these steps:

Go to the S&P app settings – select Energy Tariffs, choose a smart tariff then enable the charger schedule.

To enable Agile Octopus from the S&P app settings, follow these steps:

Go to the S&P app settings, select Energy Costs, select Add Cost Period then select Octopus Agile Tariff, enter your postcode to find available tariffs.


How does it work?

The S&P updated app auto sets the scheduler for Octopus go and Octopus Agile and disables the scheduler and locking when using Intelligent Octopus.