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‘I’m passionate about the details when designing new products’.

26 June 2023

Written by David Simpson

Disassembled Untethered Home Series EV charger

I’m passionate about the details when designing new products. It might sound a bit nerdy, but I have fun thinking about the perfect shape or cable route for our chargers. This kind of stuff makes me tick…


Close up of a new product

We have spent many months developing one of our new products, and we are now fine-tuning the cable routing. Why does this matter? Well, cable routing is important for several reasons. First, it influences the performance and reliability of the charger. Cables are like the arteries that connect all the electronic organs of the charger. A minor rubbing of a cable, or an unprotected cable exposed to a slip of an installer’s screwdriver, or a cable termination exposed to moisture can be disastrous and result in a customer who cannot charge their car. We want to prevent these possible failures by paying attention to the cable routing. Second, it shows our pride in our work. We strive to design and build charging products that look good on the outside. So, it’s only fair that we mirror the same attention to presentation and looks on the inside of our chargers.



Written by David Simpson