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Is there a link between Simpson & Partners and Andersen EV?

21 September 2022
Mandy Simpson standing next to Andersen A2 Ev charger in office

Mandy Simpson with Andersen A2 in Andersen’s Aldgate East office 2018


Are Andersen EV and Simpson & Partners connected?

In May this year, I was sitting at my desk in the office and I answered a sales call. The man on the other end of the line asked me a few questions about our lead times and such. He went on to say that he liked Simpson & Partners chargers and asked ‘is there a link between Simpson & Partners and Andersen EV?’. There certainly is a link between Simpson & Partners and Andersen EV. So, I wanted to take a few moments in my blog, to share my story and from this you’ll see what I said to him.

Being an Andersen EV co-founder

In 2016, I co-created Andersen EV with my husband David Simpson and Jerome Faissat. My husband and I worked together, tirelessly to set up the business, from scratch. And then in 2021, I left. It was a moment that I never imagined would happen. I had absolutely no intentions of leaving the business and livelihood that I struggled and fought so hard to create.

In the beginning

The early years were spent burning the midnight oil underneath the stairs of our North London home. I saw how a scribble in my notebook ended up being a logo. I watched how my idea developed into a real business with real brand values. There was the elation of holding the first prototype, quickly followed by the wondrous reality of our first paying customer. I was so proud when David won the Porsche contract (to be their preferred EV charger supplier in Great Britain). Above all, I was immensely pleased that I created this Andersen brand. Everybody’s hard work had created something that actually meant something to people. We secured press slots on BBC London, the Times and Daily Mail and we returned to Crowdcube’s investment platform for a second raise and crowned their 1000th overfunded company.

Creative direction

I led the business creative direction. And I loved every second of it. Many hours were spent scrutinising every CGI, XD layout, hex code and pixel. I happily led the copywriting, comms, PR and SEO agencies and produced every video and photoshoot. Learning to do all this as I went. I was also the person who visited the Surfacing Show at the London Business Design Centre and decided to use Accoya wood for the Andersen EV wooden fronts.

My mistakes

With the good, comes the bad and the ugly. I learnt how to run a business and the struggles of keeping faith with a vision when things scale up and investors with different values come on board. I learnt the importance of not giving away all your business powers and the impact that misplaced trust can have. Due to another funding round and a huge dose of naivety on my part, I was classified as a normal employee. I was put on furlough from November 2020 and in May 2021, my services were no longer required. I was offered a severance pay of 4 weeks (which I declined) and that was that.

New beginnings – Simpson & Partners

I relocated our family to the beautiful Cotswolds. A few months after moving I was still reeling from the shock. But I accepted that I had unfinished business to carry out. I was good at my job. And I enjoyed being a creative. I hadn’t finished what I started and I didn’t get the ending I wanted. I was the heartbeat of Andersen EV. It was my baby but I was no longer there, plus I needed an income to provide for myself and my family. I put my thinking cap back on and a few weeks later, Simpson & Partners was born.



NOTE: It is with great sadness to learn on 12th October 2022 that Andersen no longer exists.

NOTE 2:  Evios has aquired Andersen on 25th October 2022. I’m glad for each and every Andersen customer who won’t be left in the lurch now.

By Mandy Simpson