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Simpson & Partners EV Chargers are now OCPP compatible

7 February 2024


Written by David Simpson

I’m excited to announce today that Simpson & Partners Home Series revision 2 EV chargers are OCPP 1.6 compatible. OCPP stands for Open Chargepoint Protocol. This means that our chargers can communicate with any OCPP-compliant software which gives owners more flexibility and choice in the way you manage your charging. Our Business Series EV chargers have been shipping with OCPP1.6 compatible firmware since December 2023.

What is OCPP?

Open Chargepoint Protocol is an open standard that allows different chargers and software to work together seamlessly. This is great news for customers and businesses because they will not be restricted to use the software that Simpson & Partners build in-house. There are many innovative companies that build OCPP software that can do special things that suit your specific requirements for your home or business. For example, tailored features such as complex billing and payment systems, fleet management and specialist energy management solutions.

How does S&P benefit from OCPP?

OCPP is freely available for anyone to use and implement. By it’s very open nature OCPP encourages collaboration and innovation within the EV industry. S&P has never been about world domination and walled garden approaches to charging hardware and software. We firmly believe in customer choice and not locking customers into long, inflexible software contracts. We will continue to develop our own in-house Business Series and Home Series software that leverages some of the unique hardware features of our products. But it feels great that customers now have the option to use OCPP alternatives too.

Best Regards