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Fuuse Partnership

26 March 2024

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with leading back-office management system provider Fuuse.

This means that anyone with an S&P charger (units purchased since November 2023) can use Fuuses’ software and monetise, manage and control access of their chargers across multiple office parking locations. It’s perfect for discerning businesses that have car parks and wish to get more out of their ev chargers. Hotel luxury groups, brand retailers, private leisure sector companies and private landlords can all benefit. Using Fuuse allows you to charge visitors and guests for the energy that they use. It is also a clever way of supporting staff in their transition to EV and subtly sharing your sustainability values to clients so they arrive and leave your car park with the best impressions.

Simpson & Partners chargers use OCPP compliant hardware and Fuuses’ platform is built to open standards. Therefore, this collaboration represents a seamless integration between our chargers and Fuuses’ innovative software. The Fuuse platform has a user-friendly interface that provides flexible tools and features for installers, operators, and drivers. Owners can open up chargers to the public, share and restrict access and set opening times for different days and different groups.

Testing is complete and it was really refreshing to work through the Fuuse testing process in a structured and calm manner. In today’s world, everyone seems to be in a constant state of hurriedness and haste. I for one know that I’ve developed an unhealthy habit of expecting instant access, instant fixes and next day prime deliveries (!)

Partnering with Fuuse makes complete sense because we share similar values. What Simpson & Partners is trying to do is very simple. We like to offer high-quality products that are made to last: with great aesthetics and in nice colours. Fuuse are fully focused on providing the best flexible back-office solutions for ev chargers. We commonly share the belief that innovation  makes better products that deliver real long-term use. This ultimately gives customers better long term value from their EV chargers.

The notion of installing a dumb ev charger in your car park is a thing from the past.

It’s 2024, and today marks another step towards giving longstanding, sustainable and accessible EV charging to all.