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The Simpson & Partners Solar Monitor is here!

4 February 2023

Our latest product:

We are pleased to announce that the Simpson & Partners Solar Monitor is now available to order online.

The solar monitor records the amount of energy generated by solar panels on your home. It’s an integrated add-on device to the Home Energy Manager. Readings are conveniently displayed in the Simpson & Partners app. We highly recommend this product if you have solar panels.


  • Wireless connection. No time consuming installation or messy cables
  • Self-recharging harvesting technology
  • Supplied with pre-calibrated CT clamp
  • High penetration and long range LoRa radio technology
  • Compatible with Home Series plus EV chargers
  • 1 x Wireless Solar Monitor supports up to 5 x Home Series plus EV chargers

Keep an eye on your energy usage and take control of your sustainability efforts with this latest product.

Simpson & Partners Solar Monitor