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The Cable Hook is Available To Order

4 January 2023

We are pleased to announce that our Cable Hook £49 is now available to order online.
Cable Hook is super strong, fixes against the wall and neatly holds any cable length. We’ve designed it to match the front groove detailing of the Home Series charger and it is precision made out of machined aluminium. We hand spray these in-house so they are available in all our front body paint colours. By default, the Hook colour will match whatever Home Series charger you select.

If you want to buy a different colour or a Hook separately then just visit the Shop. 

£49 Shipping now

Update: 2nd Feb: We are shipping hooks now! So if you’ve ordered yours, we’ll be posting it soon.

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Buy hook (in whatever colour you want, or separately)

Our first prototype





Shiny prototype before getting painted

Cable Hook in Universal Brown with Walnut Lid
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