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Welcome new team members Pete and Aaron.

4 March 2024

We’d like to welcome Pete and Aaron to team S&P.

They both join us here at our Cotswolds HQ near Kemble Cotswold Airport.

Pete’s moved to the local area having spent years working in the automative sector and at London Heathrows Terminal 4 ground handling department (he made sure that his team gave pilots perfectly de-iced aircraft and ensured the correct handling of your bags/dogs/animals and dangerous goods).

What do you do here at S&P? I’m part of the business development and assembly structure team. John’s my boss and, he gives me instructions and I follow.

How long is your commute to the office? By car approximately, on a good day, 14 minutes. On a bad day, 20 minutes.

Do you drink tea or coffee? And how do you take it? I drink tea and coffee black. No milk at all.  It goes back to the time I had flu. And ever since, when I came out of having flu, I just could not take milk in my tea or coffee. But I can have it on cereal, that’s not a problem!

Where was your last holiday? Cape Verde, it was for ten days and it was nice…. It’s was very similar to the Canaries.

Would you go back there? No, I’ve done it once. I’ve been there, done it and that’s it.

Who’s your favourite colleague? I don’t have one…. they’re all the same!

And if you could choose a favourite colour of your charger what would it be? I like the blue. Yeah, I like the royal blue. With the gold lid.

I’ve heard you’re good at Dad jokes. Have you got any?
A friend of mine was moving some instruments. And his xylophone fell on his head. He’s been taken to hospital with percussion.

Thank you very much Pete.


Welcome Aaron,

What do you do here at S&P? Well, I do a bit of everything. Powder coating, and a bit of manufacturing at the moment.

How long is your commute to the office? About 15 minutes. On a good day. Walking would probably take half an hour/ 45 minutes I would say.
And cycling? I reckon I could do it in about 20.

Tea or coffee? Both. It depends on the time of day. Tea in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, Coffee is black, no sugar. Tea white, no sugar.

Where was your last holiday? Oh Spain. Of course…what’s not to like about Spain?

Who’s your favourite colleague? Ahhh, I don’t have favourites!

What’s your favourite colour combo? Good question. I’d have to go….I actually don’t know. I think probably go with a dark grey with a copper lid and ….untethered.

Can you tell us a joke? Pete’s really good at joke telling. I’m terrible at jokes. Absolutely terrible. I haven’t even got any dad jokes I’m afraid.

Thanks Aaron.