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Wired Energy Manager Available To Order

19 November 2022

Our Wired Energy Manager is now available to order with our Home Series chargers. Our chargers are just one part of a bigger story. When used together, our products create a complete and intelligent energy management system.You can build your own Smart Home Energy System by combining the Simpson and Partners products and view and control everything from your S&P app.

The home energy manager helps you source the power you need for your home and your electric vehicle with maximum possible efficiency.

Charge your car without disrupting the energy needed for home devices.

Monitor and track the energy usage of your home with daily, monthly, and yearly reports.

  • Wired connection
  • Supplied with pre calibrated CT clamp
  • Compatible with all Home Series chargers
  • See daily, monthly, and yearly reports all in your S&P app
  • 1 x Wired Energy Manager supports 1 x Home Series Ev charger