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Did you spot us over on the Artisan Electrics YouTube channel?

15 March 2023

Did you spot us over on the Artisan Electrics YouTube channel?  

A screenshot of Jordan from Artisan Electrics reviewing the Simpson & Partners EV Charger in a YouTube video

We are absolutely chuffed to have received such positive feedback, from the likes of ‘I’ve got to say it looks absolutely beautiful’ through to ‘…in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t difficult to install at all.


Who are Artisan Electrics?

For those of you that may not have come across Artisan Electrics before, they are expert electricians based in Cambridge that specialise in EV Charger installations. On top of this, they have carved out their own niche by creating detailed and honest YouTube reviews of popular products across the market.  

The review of the Simpson & Partners EV charger covered everything from unboxing through to install. During which, questions were raised around whether this was the best looking car charger on the market. The conclusion of which seemed to be ‘In summary…it’s beautiful, it’s easy to install and it has all the features that we would ever ask of a charging point, so it’s a big thumbs up from me.’ We could not ask for more than that!  

That said, you do not have to just take Artisan Electrics word for it. Our EV chargers and more broadly entire suite of energy management products has received a host of positive feedback. 

What did they say about the wireless energy manager? 

Artisan Electrics also found our wireless energy manager to be ‘…a clever little device…that allows you to integrate solar into the mix, so you can charge your car on pure green energy.’ As one of the few EV Charging brands to offer this, that made us smile.


Colour combinations

Finally, it was great to hear Artisan Electrics touch upon the copious colour combinations that we offer. ‘You’ve got different wood or metal trims on the top…different coloured metal finishes on the body too.’ In case you missed it, our Home series Plus EV chargers are available in over 107 colour combinations. This is the widest range of colours on the market.  Whether you have a stone cottage or a modern urban townhouse, or anything in between, we will have a colour to suit your home. 

Need some colour inspiration?

If you are not sure which colour combination would suit your home the best, why not order a free colour swatch card? In addition, have a snoop on our social channels for more inspiration.

Thanks again for your kind words Artisan Electrics, we are so pleased you liked the Simpson & Partners EV Charger.